My vision for Shop 2 Support, is a group where businesses can post information about their brands, products and businesses who have been affected by the 2019/2020 Australian bushfires devastation.

For example tell us the brands of milk to buy to support your dairy in an area that was hit by the fires.

Share with us your local small businesses website from a fire affected area so we can purchase online with you.

Tell us about your tourist attraction or accommodation venues that are safely reopened to the public, so we can plan a visit to come and support you.

OR come and join us as a supportive member of the public wanting to purchase some amazing goods and services, to do what you can to assist these areas devastated by the bushfire crisis.

There’s so much more to recovering from such unimaginable devastation than the immediate needs being met, and there are many amazing people making sure this happens. This crisis will last many months, years and even lifetimes. Some homes and businesses will be lost, some will rebuild, some won’t. Supporting businesses in effected areas draws money to the town, pays wages, puts food on tables, and the flow on effect means the money goes around the town and continues to support the community. Together we can contribute to bringing some form of normality back after such massive trauma.

Please share far and wide, let’s support our neighboring states also as today we are one.

Australia, the best country in the world.

Together we can make a difference!

Creator and Admin,