VicParks has just received advice from government that communal toilets are allowed to open from Monday 1st June to service all guests in your park.  The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) advises that floor markings must be used to promote the 1.5 metre social distancing requirements.  All toilets must be in working condition with soap provided, and increased cleaning.

VicParks can also confirm that communal facilities will remain open for people staying at your park under the reasons currently permitted.

We can also now confirm that DHHS has approved, from Monday 1 June, the use of playgrounds and swimming pools up to a maximum of 20 people each at any one time.  These facilities must be managed closely including ensuring 1.5 metre and 4m2 social distancing measures are enforced in, on, and around the pool and playground, and the personal hygiene and surface cleaning requirements are being met.  Showers and change rooms at the pool site, however, must remain closed with guests to shower before arriving on the pool deck.

VicParks is eagerly awaiting the government’s guidelines for the re-opening of tourist businesses which, we expect, will help answer the questions members still have about their preparations.  As soon as government makes that available we will be forwarding it to you.  We will continue to interpret government information for your benefit as best we can.

In the meantime, DHHS and Business Victoria are good places for information.  Business Victoria is promoting itself as being ready to support hospitality businesses and answer questions about preparations for a safe reopening.  The is some relevant information for parks here  .  They can be contacted on 13 22 15 or by using the online Contact Us form.

Scott Parker
Chief Executive Officer

Victorian Caravan Parks Assoc Inc. (VicParks)