The Victorian government has requested that campsites, caravan parks and camping grounds be closed to tourists from 11.59pm Wednesday 25 March.

Parks will still be open to provide service for park residents, workers who live remotely from the park, displaced persons and travellers with no fixed residence or where they are unable to get home. 

10. Accommodation Facilities (as of 25 March 2020)
(1) A person who owns, controls or operates an accommodation facility in Victoria must not operate that facility between midnight on 25 March 2020 and midnight on 13 April 2020.
(2) For the purposes of this clause, an accommodation facility means any of the following, whether operated on a for profit or not for profit basis:
              (a) a camping ground
              (b) a caravan park
Permitted Operations
(3) Despite sub clause (1), a person who owns, controls or operates an accommodation facility may operate that facility for the purposes of providing accommodation to:
(a) a person whose place of residence is the accommodation facility; or
(b) a person who is ordinarily a resident of Victoria but has no permanent place of residence in Victoria
(c) a person who has a permanent place of residence in Victoria, but that place is temporarily unavailable: or
(d) a person, on a temporary basis, who has travelled to Victoria for work purposes; or
(e) a person who was a temporary guest of the accommodation facility on the date that these directions were given.
(f) a person who requires emergency accommodation, including in relation to family violence and other vulnerable groups.