A great number of towed trailer boats end up at Victorian Caravan Parks during the holiday season.

In conjunction with Agriculture Victoria we are helping to spread the message to all mobile boat owners, how they can help stop the spread of destructive marine creatures that can adhere to boat hulls, trailers, gear and anything that gets wet in one place, that then transported to fresh areas inadvertently by holiday boat users when they move locations.

Here are some easy steps to help protect our waterways, or take a look at the video

What can I do?

Marine pests are spread by both natural means and with human help. Moving boats and other water craft from areas with marine pests to new locations increases the risk of spread.

To help stop the spread of marine pests check, clean and dry your vessel and equipment:

• Use fresh water to thoroughly wash down boats, other watercraft, fishing gear, wetsuits, water toys, and other marine equipment after use.

• Dry boats and marine equipment thoroughly before moving to other areas.

• Be particularly vigilant when moving boats or equipment from water bodies known to have marine pests, particularly Port Phillip, to any other part of Victoria.

• Apply appropriate anti-fouling paints to boat hulls as per instructions for use.

• Never use marine pests as bait.

For more information download the brochure