South Gippsland businesses have lost up to 90 per cent of their summer holiday revenue despite being 200km away from fire danger.

Tourism operators in towns such as Leongatha and Fish Creek are reporting a big drop in business and they’re urging holiday-makers to keep their bookings.

“I think what some people don’t realise is the immense size of Gippsland”
– Kate Stevenson

Cheryl Parker, co-owner of the Leongatha caravan park (pictured top of page), said her grounds were basically empty when they would otherwise be full.

“We’ve lost probably 90% of the income,” she told Kate and Quarters on 3AW Breakfast.

“The people who have cancelled have said ‘Oh we’re cancelling because of the fires’.

“We are at least 200km from the fires.

“(On Monday) there was a little bit of smoke in the air, that’s all, so we’re really not affected by these fires.”

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