The records keep coming as Australia’s tourism boom keeps growing.

Australian tourists spent a record $62.6 billion holidaying at home for the year ending June 2017, up seven per cent on the previous year.

The new record is revealed in the National Visitor Survey (NVS), which is released today.

It comes two weeks after the International Visitor Survey (IVS) showed international tourists spend a record $40.6 billion over the same period.

Combined total spending by overnight tourists has reached a new record of $103.2 billion.

Tourism is driving our economy and will continue to into the future. It is creating and supporting jobs right across the country.

Whether it’s enjoying the great outdoors or dining in one of our award winning restaurants, there is something for everyone with Australia’s diverse range of attractions and experiences.

The record spending by Australian tourists is being driven by more people holidaying at home in Australia.

Overnight trips by Australians have increased to a record 93.7 million, up five per cent, while nights reached a record 338 million, up four per cent.

Nearly all states and territories experienced increases in overnight trips with Tasmania, up 16 per cent, enjoying the highest growth. Tasmania also experienced the largest growth in spending by Australian tourists, up 30 per cent to $2.4 billion.

The Turnbull Government’s record funding for Tourism Australia and investment in tourism infrastructure is facilitating the continued growth of Australia’s tourism industry.

In 2013 the Coalition returned responsibility for domestic tourism marketing to the states and territories to refocus Tourism Australia on our offshore marketing capacity.

The NVS and IVS are produced by Tourism Research Australia and available at:

International and National Visitor Survey Results
Visitors (‘000) 3 year change (%) Spending ($m) 3 year change (%) Visitor nights (‘000) 3 year change (%)
*Three year change is June 2014 – June 2017
Queensland 24072 17% 20624 16% 137611 14%
New South Wales 34130 16% 27312 24% 189392 18%
Victoria 25941 22% 20436 30% 133852 27%
ACT 2870 22% 2156 33% 11288 17%
Tasmania 2954 28% 2815 41% 15193 24%
South Australia 6593 13% 4894 17% 32521 12%
Northern Territory 1914 31% 2486 31% 13342 33%
Western Australia 10422 16% 9699 11% 70101 7%


Media Release: 20 September 2017