The Victorian Caravan Parks Association (VicParks) is the peak body for the caravan park industry in Victoria

The Victorian Caravan Parks Association was formed in 1964 to protect, promote and advance the caravan park industry.

In 1985, the Association became an incorporated body.

The Victorian Caravan Parks Association (VicParks) is the peak body for the caravan park industry in Victoria. With just on 400 park members and a further 80 industry supplier Associate members, VicParks’ purpose is to represent, advocate for, and support member caravan parks, residential land lease communities, and industry suppliers to optimise their viability, profitability, sustainability and connection with each other. VicParks’ vision is to be trusted by all its stakeholders and be a critical partner in our members’ success.

The objectives of the Victorian Caravan Parks Association of Victoria are to:

  • Achieve a better business environment for caravan park and residential land lease
  • Achieve more capable and compliant park operators
  • Achieve Associate member satisfaction with their relationship with the Association
  • Promote industry success and consumer benefits of caravanning and camping and living in residential land lease communities
  • Build and promote a financially strong, capable, well connected Association with a growing membership

The Association is run by a Committee of Management. Each of the 11 regions into which the State of Victoria is divided, is entitled to have one or more delegates represent that region (division) on the Committee of Management. Divisions meet on a regular basis, and, in addition to the work undertaken by the Association at its central office in Melbourne, the divisions enable members in any given area to discuss matters of common interest such as promotion of their parks in their own locality, and the promotion of tourism to their area.

Membership has grown in recent years and now represents a significant share of the total number of caravan parks in Victoria. Membership covers caravan parks, residential land lease communities and industry suppliers.