A significant increase in support for the activities of the national body for caravanning and camping underpins a new agreement signed today between Discovery Holiday Parks Pty Ltd and Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

The caravan holiday park industry generates over $1.8 billion dollars in revenue with caravanning consumers spending a massive $8.6 billion annually much of which is in regional Australia.  This Agreement continues the commitment by both parties to strengthen networks and support continued growth for this burgeoning market which is so valuable for many local communities.

The Agreement, in excess of $150,000 per year, covers a number of expansionary marketing activities (including support for an international strategy on behalf of the industry) as well as driving research, increased compliance efforts, and the encouragement for new and future leaders and decision makers within the industry.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO, Stuart Lamont said “the landscape in which the caravan holiday park industry operates is dynamic and changing quickly and we must be nimble to respond to such market conditions.  As an industry, we are being disrupted like never before through new business models, the sharing economy, and a changing legislative environment. It is important that while we may hold individual opinions on these threats and opportunities, most of all we need to understand such change, so that we, as an industry, can be prepared for what future lies ahead and take maximum advantage.”

“As the largest owner-operator within the caravan holiday park sector, it is vital that the national body is focused and strong and that they are appropriately resourced to grow and protect the caravan holiday park industry.  While legislators may be bound by state boundaries, our customers are nomadic in nature and we must support a national, holistic and collaborative association environment”, said Discovery Holiday Parks Chief Executive Officer Grant Wilckens.

About Discovery Holiday Parks

At Discovery Parks, it’s not about us; it’s all about you. We are committed to providing you with the best holiday experiences in the country – good times and great memories.

As the largest owner and operator of lifestyle holiday parks in Australia, we understand what you are looking for in a location. Since the inception of our holiday park group in December 2004, we have sought out the most outstanding parks in the outback, on the waterfront or alongside national parks all across Australia.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we regularly review our accommodation, features and facilities to ensure that we are offering the most comprehensive range of options. Whether you seek family luxury by the water or a simple campsite for two in the middle of nowhere, we have it covered.

Discovery Parks has over 60 parks around the country, with a head office based in Adelaide, South Australia.

For further information contact:

Stuart Lamont, CEO Caravan Industry Association of Australia – 03 9815 2015

Grant Wilckens, CEO Discovery Holiday Parks – 08 8219 3002