Victoria’s diverse range of saltwater streams, bays, beaches, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and inlets offers the budding fisherman or angling expert endless opportunities to cast their rods and catch a bite.

Fishing is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes and Victoria has some great fishing spots on offer. There are many great places to go with family or friends for a great day out, where hopefully you will get a big bite!

What could be better than spending a few hours fishing for a species that is abundant, relatively easy to catch and is amazing for a family dinner. I love to fish for garfish, because whether it’s for bait or food, they are perfect for every occasion.

With Victoria located on the coast, there are a range of places to fish for those who stay at caravan parks. Two of the best fishing spots in Victoria are located near caravan parks. If you would like to fish in the Port Phillip region, there is the Cowes Caravan Park. For those who would like to fish in the Western Port region, there is the Western Port Caravan Park.

Whether you fish to relax, fish in the company of good mates, fish for a great dinner meal, there’s a fishing location to suit you.

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